Accurate division of industrial pressure differential pressure controller

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Industrial pressure differential pressure controller is very common in modern production operations, in order to facilitate our more reasonable choice, the controller must be clearly classified, so as not to confuse.

The simplest industrial pressure differential pressure controller can be divided into: pressure controller, differential pressure controller, temperature controller, flow controller, level controller these 5 categories:

1 pressure differential pressure is the direct measurement of pressure or pressure, the role of the factor is the pressure inside the device,

2 temperature controller accepts the temperature signal,

3 flow controller is generally aimed at the gas, according to their volume to calculate the pressure value,

4 liquid level controller is generally for liquid, can be calculated with the p=egh (catalytic equipment inside the differential pressure controller set value adjustment case).

Pressure controller is divided into: ordinary pressure controller, explosion-proof pressure controller (flameproof type), dual contact pressure controller.

Differential pressure controller is divided into: ordinary differential pressure controller, explosion-proof differential pressure controller (flameproof type), double contact differential pressure controller.

Summary; industrial pressure differential pressure controller reasonable classification can clearly know how we should better application, Ming move science and technology think it is necessary to ensure normal production.

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