Main development direction analysis of instrument

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To analyze the main development direction of the instrument, the instrument of domestic and imported continuous development and progress, and continuously improve the development of key technology research, it will be more clear, after all, there is a clear goal, focus on the development direction, to develop toward the direction to continue this. Then we'll analyze.

Industrial instrumentation

First of all, under the industrial instrumentation, industrial instrumentation is mainly to be more digital, more intelligent, more networked, with the advent of the development of the Internet era, this is inevitable. For example, intelligent pressure switch must be used instead of mechanical pressure switch intelligent pressure switch one day, though there are still some deficiencies, but many are better than the mechanical pressure switch, more accurate, less error, more seismic, convenient operation, more contact. Now more and more people choose intelligent pressure switch.

Environmental protection instrumentation

Now advocate environmental protection, people's awareness of environmental protection are also improving, environmental protection everywhere, national concern, people are also concerned, so his investment and development are very promising.

Electrical instrumentation

Electrician is the detection of some kind of instrument to be more accurate, electric meter life longer, there are some automated intelligent.

Medical instrumentation

Hospital instruments are walking in the forefront of intelligent, digital route, and now instruments are very tall, but certainly will have more advanced. Of course is better, it can cooperate with the medical technology.

There are some other instrumentation here is not to say, anyway, a purpose, instruments are progressive, riding, to stop the progress of the total will be eliminated.

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