Meter type

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Glass thermometer, bimetal thermometer, pressure thermometer, thermocouple, thermal resistance,

Non contact thermometer, temperature control (regulator), temperature transmitter, temperature calibration instrument, temperature sensor, temperature tester, etc.;

Human body thermometer, sphygmomanometer;

Pressure gauge: pressure gauge, pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, pressure calibration instrument, pressure reducer, pressure gauge, pressure automatic control equipment, automatic control equipment, hydraulic pressure sensor;

Flow meter: flowmeter, flow sensor, flow transmitter, water meter, gas meter, liquid level transmitter, liquid level relay, liquid level meter, oil meter, water level meter, liquid level controller, meter;

Electrical instrumentation: current meter, voltage meter, current power frequency, current distribution, test pencil, circuit breakers, contactors, relays, switches, terminals, voltage regulator, voltage monitor, intelligent electric power monitor, voltage regulator, megger, clamp meter, multimeter, electric transducer, current transmitter, ballast and rectifier;

Electronic measuring instruments: LCR meter, level meter, viscometer, oscilloscope, signal generator;

Analytical instruments: chromatography, chromatography accessories, spectrophotometer, moisture meter, balance, thermal analysis instrument, X-ray analysis instrument, spectroscopy, physical properties analysis instrument, photographic instrument, spectrum analyzer;

Optical instruments: spectrophotometer, refractometer, filter, filter, prism, lens, spectrometer, colorimeter, optoelectronics, laser instrument, microscope, telescope, magnifier, Theodolite Level spectrometer;

Industrial automation instrument: control system, regulating valve, regulating instrument, multi-function instrument, heating equipment,

Winding machine, device, intelligent instrument, safety gate, inverter module, paperless recorder, probe, amplifier, acceleration sensor, speed sensor, displacement sensor, speed sensor, current sensor, tension sensor;

Experimental instruments: balance instrument, temperature measuring instruments, laboratory equipment, vacuum calorimeter, incubator, incubator, corrosion test box, hardness tester, drying oven, oven, oscillator, mixer, centrifuge, water (oil) bath, constant temperature water tank;

Measuring gauge, vernier caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, tape;

Measuring instrument: roundness instrument, three coordinate measuring machine, pneumatic instrument;

Actuator: electric actuator, pneumatic actuator;

Instrument special power supply: DC power supply, regulated power supply, AC power supply, switching power supply, uninterruptible power supply, inverter power supply

Display instrument: digital display instrument;

Supply: meter counter, electric meter, thermostat, manostat, and meter reading system;

Universal Instruments: electric heating plate, electric heating sleeve, homogenate machine, distiller, disperser, masher;

Mechanical instrument: thickness gauge, altimeter, force measuring instrument, speed measuring instrument;

Quantitative weighing scales, platform scale, scale, scale, weighing sensor, electronic scale, ground scale, belt scale, hanging scale, batching scale;

Professional testing instrument: wind temperature and air flow meter, temperature and humidity instrument, dust measuring instrument, instrument noise, water quality analysis instrument, pH / pH meter, conductivity meter, polarography, sampler, gas analysis instrument, illuminance meter, sound level meter, dust particle counter, grain oil testing instrument, mercury analyzer;

Test equipment: bending test, tensile testing machine, pressure testing machine, torsion testing machine, impact testing machine, universal testing machine, test box, non metal material testing machine, balancing machine, nondestructive testing instrument, process test machine, stress and deformation tester, auto test equipment, package testing machine, fatigue test machine, strength testing machine, test chamber, vibration table.

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